Time to Tube

Growing up in Saugatuck during the summers was always exciting.  Getting away from home and spending time (only two hours away) felt like an awesome vacation each time we went.  Honestly, it was like a free for all up there (it really wasn’t… Grandma Betty kept us in line) but it seemed like it when […]


I don’t think there will ever be a time that I can live without it.  Beautiful rolling hills all shades of colors as you pull up.  Sweet and wonderful aromas that hit you right when you walk in the door.  Mouthwatering as you pick up the perfect one and take it to the counter… grabbing […]


Red, pink, yellow, gold, orange, blue, purple, black… it’s amazing the colors that come from a beautiful sunset in Saugatuck.  All of the colors mixing as if it is a piece of artwork in someone’s mind.  Forming together each night into the perfect blend and bringing a family together.  Every minute colors change, and just […]

“The Hill”

Although my Grandma Betty spent many days in the peace and quiet of her wooded cabin, she could also often be found down in the middle of the hustle and bustle of my family’s cottage.  If she wasn’t sitting on the back porch of hers, she would most likely be found on “the hill” to […]

Mt. Baldy

Two hundred and eighty two steps to the top.  A landing to stop every twelve steps to take a break.  The most amazing and beautiful view awaiting you at the top.  SUCCESS! Mt. Baldhead (commonly known as Mt. Baldy to regulars) is every fitness buffs dream workout spot with the best reward after all that […]

The Ferry

“Who wants to go into town?” Grandma Betty called. “I do!” yelled Emmy. “Me too!” I screamed. “Go grab a dollar each and let’s be on our way then,” Grandma Betty replied. One of my favorite parts of my family’s cottage is that it is literally across the Kalamazoo River from the town of Saugatuck.  […]


GEM: A cut and polished precious stone or pearl fine enough for use in jewelry GEM: A person held in great esteem or affection GEM: Gregory, Emmy, and Mallory’s Saugatuck fine dining restaurant Per usual, the three of us cousins kept busy with our active imaginations when we were younger and spending time in Saugatuck.  […]