Time to Tube


Growing up in Saugatuck during the summers was always exciting.  Getting away from home and spending time (only two hours away) felt like an awesome vacation each time we went.  Honestly, it was like a free for all up there (it really wasn’t… Grandma Betty kept us in line) but it seemed like it when we were there. 

One of our favorite past times was playing on the water tube.  We did have a boat, and sometimes we could persuade a parent to take us out into the lake to go tubing, but it was difficult and required a lot of promises of chores that none of us wanted to keep.  So, somehow, at some time, someone decided to tie the tube to the end of the dock in front of our cottage.  Doesn’t sound very fun, right? Well, you don’t know what fun is then!

Grandma Betty was the easiest to sucker into coming to sit and watch us to make sure we didn’t get hurt.  Instead of sitting up on the yellow chairs at the cottage, she would bring a beach chair down and sit on the dock while we went crazy in the water.

Literally, for hours, all we did was jump off the dock or the boats into the water and see who could get onto the tube and hold on while everyone else tried to tip you off so they could get on and try to hold on for dear life.  It was like a challenge to be king of the tube and man did we take it serious.  When you were on the tube, sitting in the middle, you had to use strategy to stay on.  When you were in the water, trying to get onto the tube, strategy was also needed.  Many alliances were formed and broke as quickly as they were made when trying to get onto the tube. 

Gregory, Emmy, myself, the Kosick kids, and the Murphy children made sure on hot days with no air conditioning that this “game” was played.

Lucky for us, Grandma Betty was always read to watch. 


5 thoughts on “Time to Tube

  1. A flotation device + water + kids = great fun. It didn’t take much to entertain in those days, wonder if it’s still true? I did notice you were absent, but glad to see you returned. I hope it was a great trip.

  2. That sounds like so much fun…and probably safer than the king of the shed we used to play. Yes, we were entertained by simple things…and I do think kids now days could be too…if given the opportunity. And, yes, I did miss the Grandma Betty posts…glad you are back and glad you had time to go visit the cottage. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  3. It sounds like you all were always having fun there…and playing in the water for hours with no worries is the best. Glad you are back! Will you wrap this up tomorrow? Or will you keep giving us Grandma Betty stories all year?

    • I dont think I am going to wrap up tomorrow. I have so many more stories that I want to write about, I think I will keep writing for the Tuesday slices 🙂

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