I don’t think there will ever be a time that I can live without it.  Beautiful rolling hills all shades of colors as you pull up.  Sweet and wonderful aromas that hit you right when you walk in the door.  Mouthwatering as you pick up the perfect one and take it to the counter… grabbing six other things you can’t live without on your way.  Crane’s Restaurant and Bakery = legendary.

Located in Fennville, right next to Saugatuck, Cranes farmland was purchased in 1916.  Apples, cherries, and peaches grown right on the land and used in the most amazing pies, ciders, and donuts are second to none.  You can also stop in to eat a complete meal in the small and quiet restaurant while you’re there. 

Grandma Betty had a love affair with Cranes.  About once a week she would head over to make her weekly pick-up.  Like I said, once you go in, you can’t leave with just one thing.  Grandma always made sure to have Crane’s apple cider donuts on hand.  If she knew people were coming to visit, she made sure to buy extras.  She also usually left with a jug of apple cider and at least one pie.  Our family favorite… the cherry crisp.  Sweet and succulent ripe fresh cherries backed into soft and flaky pie crust and topped with crunchy and delish oats, it was like biting into a piece of heaven.   Of course, once a holiday came along though, we would come home with multiple flavors… pumpkin being the favorite around Thanksgiving.

Nowadays, every time I head up to Saugatuck, Crane’s is a must stop before heading back home.  I make sure to buy a dozen donuts, a jug of cider, and of course a cherry crisp pie… just like Grandma Betty would have wanted. 


8 thoughts on “Crane’s

  1. Isn’t it funny how much food is intertwined with memories. I eat things I don’t much care for in honor of my mother, who has passed. Crane’s sounds like a place filled with wonders.

  2. Oh my, I’m hungry. Crane’s should send you some money for the free advertising you just did!
    Mallory, I’m curious as to how you have all these pictures that fit perfectly with your slices and I’m wondering if you chose the slice first or the picture?
    As this challenge comes to a close, I’m wondering how you’ll end this loving tribute to Grandma Betty or if it’s maybe not ending yet for you?
    I have so many questions!! I know you’re unable to come to our SOLC celebration, so we’re going to have to find some time to talk!

    • Sorry Dana…. went on a impromptu trip up to the cottage for a few days and didnt have internet.

      I am using the pictures to guide my writing in some form. I started all my posts about things that were done just at my Grandma Bettys cottage and added pictures were I had them. Now, I am moving into athings we did around town and my families cottage. Most of these have a picture to go along. I feel like the picture really brings home the story I am telling.

      As much as I would love to end the slice of life challenge with a strong ending story about Grandma Betty, I still have soooo much more to write about her. I think I am going to continue stories every Tuesday. It just feels like I shouldnt stop yet, and I dont want to either. This challenge has brought me much closer to her memory and I dont want to let go.

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