GEM: A cut and polished precious stone or pearl fine enough for use in jewelry

GEM: A person held in great esteem or affection

GEM: Gregory, Emmy, and Mallory’s Saugatuck fine dining restaurant

Per usual, the three of us cousins kept busy with our active imaginations when we were younger and spending time in Saugatuck.  If we weren’t planning Granny Anne skits, making forts, spending time at the beach, on a hike, or playing cards, you could beat we were up to something else.

Most summers, Grandma Betty took the three of us up to her cottage so that our parents could have a little summer reprieve from us.  We usually would go up on a Saturday, spend the whole week with just Grandma Betty, and then our parents would come up the following Saturday to take us home on Sunday. 

One year, I couldn’t even tell you how old we were, it was decided that the three of us should do something nice for Grandma Betty.  Somehow it was decided that cooking dinner was the best plan we had.  (Thinking back there were so many other better ideas that would have been an easier feat).

But there we were, in the back room where Granny Anne skits were put together, trying to decide on a meal to make.  We, of course, did not have the most tasteful pallets, and within an hour or so the meal was planned.  You should give us some credit though, we did have a four course meal all picked out.

Instead of just making the meal though, we had to put on a production.  Because my Uncle Donald owns his own business he insisted on having a computer in his room.  So, without my grandma knowing, the three of us snuck back there, fired up that bad boy, and made up a menu (no choices, just telling what was going to be served). 

We also made up a name for our meal service, GEM.  We thought it was pretty clever to say so myself…

We let Grandma Betty know our plans and she took us to the grocery store.  She sat in the car while we headed into the store and spent her money (who in their right mind would allow that to happen in today’s world?!) We got all the needed materials, paid, and headed back to the car.

Once we got back to the cottage, we sent Grandma Betty to her room and closed the door to the kitchen.  We got to work right away, all three of us running around and making a HUGE mess.  Because Gregory was younger, he set the table and only got to work with the cold foods.  The menu included a starter salad, a cup of soup, spaghetti, and a piece of cake for dessert.

After a few hours, it was time to serve our meal.  Gregory put on a suit coat (that had been used in one of our many skits) and brought Grandma Betty to the table.  He handed her the menu, brought her a glass of water, and asked her what she would like to have for dinner (like she had a lot of choices).  Grandma Betty faithful ordered each thing.

I have to say, she ate everything that we made.  Some of the foods that were supposed to be warm were for sure cold and I know the cake didn’t turn out right, but she put on a smile and kept on going. 

Just last year I was poking around the closet and I found our menu from that day.  She had kept it all those years.  A true sign of love.


5 thoughts on “GEM

  1. This is so sweet! It reminds me of a time that my friend and I cooked a meal for her mom. We, too, made a menu and set the table nicely. Thanks for sharing such a special memory with us. Your descriptions were perfect!

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