Who puts a dog on a refrigerator?


Who puts a dog on a refrigerator?  Where would a thought like that even come from? What terrible people would allow such things to happen to their pets?

In Saugatuck, the many animals that were around town were just as important to my Grandma Betty as the people she knew.  Just like with humans, my Grandma Betty had a way with animals too.  She loved all things, and all things loved her back.  Especially important to her were the dogs of the “family.”  Growing up, my family had Oreo.  The Sempowitz (close family friends) had Dirtball.  Ken and Tony (the men who lived in the cottage across from my grandma) had Copper.  And my uncle Donald (who actually owned the cottage but lived in Florida) had Maggie. 

Copper (a beautiful yellow lab with soft fur and big brown eyes) was extremely important to my Grandma Betty.  Because Ken and Tony lived in Saugatuck year round, Copper was always around to keep my grandma company.  Ken and Tony let her run free back in the woods, she never traveled too far… usually she could be found hanging out on the back porch with Grandma Betty.  Grandma Betty always had treats ready for her and a tennis ball to play fetch with on nice days when she was feeling well.  Copper was truly a best friend to my grandma.

But then there was Maggie.  Maggie always traveled from Florida to Saugatuck with my Uncle Donald when he came.  Maggie was a yellow lab also who was super adventurous and would do anything for my Uncle Donald.  I never meet a dog that was as loyal as she was to him.  They had a truly special bond. 

However, because she was so loyal, my uncle took advantage. 

My Uncle Donald is hard to describe… he is funny, laughs a lot, loves to be active, and basically never grew up when it came to his attitude.  He is always trying to find new and improved ways to shock people. And boy was he good at it.

His number one shock came the day that he decided to put Maggie on top of the refrigerator.  My grandma had cleaned it off one day, just to see what hidden treasures had been left up there a little too long.  For whatever reason my uncle decided to scoop Maggie up and put her on top.  Instead of trying to get away like most dogs would, she just let him put her up there and laid down like it was the most comfortable spot in the world.

Now, for those of you who know me, I am a HUGE dog lover.  I freak any time I think a dog is being hurt, scared, or any other way put in an uncomfortable spot.  But Maggie was always okay.  Grandma Betty would hand her up treats and watch her, just laughing quietly to herself.  When Maggie was ready to get down, she would bark and someone would come right away to her rescue. 

Once she was down, she always went straight to Grandma Betty who would give her and hug and a kiss (and of course another treat).  To this day, I credit all the compassion I have to my grandma.  I really learn how to love everyone (and everything) thanks to her.

6 thoughts on “Who puts a dog on a refrigerator?

  1. Mal, what a sweet post! this made me laugh but it shows how loyal and devoted dogs are to their owners. full of love and trust and never questioning what we do to them—-when we put them in ridiculous outfits or weird places, most of them go along with a huff or ruff. thank you for this awesome slice!

  2. I love it!! Another Grandma Betty story. I am glad you had the picture of Maggie on the refrigerator…she looks quite content and seems to be smiling at the camera. Your Grandma Betty must have been quite a woman…she had a lot of influence on others…just by living and setting an example. My grandmother’s house had a mark out front where the hobos would know it was a safe place to stop for a meal….I just remembered that…maybe good for a post? Not sure…I just know that I truly enjoy reading your Grandma Betty stories. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  3. What a funny story. Your picture had me “hooked” right from the beginning. I wonder what would happen if I tried to put my dog on top of the refrigerator. Huumm…

  4. What a fabulous story. This is only the first I’ve read of Grandma Betty, but I already know I like her. Thank God for wonderful grandmothers everywhere.

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