Tennis and Soap Operas


               As with all things, time passes and things wear down and slow.  Although my Grandma Bettys feisty spirit never left her, as years passed her body slowed and some things had to change.

                When my grandma was younger, many of the warm, sunny, Saugatuck summer days were spent with her and her friends at water’s edge of Oval Beach.  Every day these sassy ladies would put on their one pieces, grab their beach chairs and towels, and bring the latest gossip to be discussed.  Literally, if it was nice out, you could find these ladies in the same spot day after day from 11-3pm.  They even had a name for themselves, and most regulars in town called them this… the beach bums.  I spent many days when I was under ten at water’s edge with them (a later story to come about this). 

                However, as each year passed, less and less of the ladies were able to make it down the sand to the water.  Finally, my grandma admitted defeat as well, her arthritis making it impossible to climb up and down the sand dune.  For a while they still continued to meet, just hanging out at the top of the hill, but one day that even stopped.

                Because of this, my grandma decided it was time to get a TV for her cottage.  This was an astonishing revelation to many of us, seeing that the topic of a TV was never allowed when we were younger.  She just wanted something to fill a little bit of time while she was up there and had nothing else to do.

                Now, one would think that if she brought a TV to fill some time, she would get some good channels that she was actually interested in watching.  NOPE.  Grandma Betty refused to pay for anything more than then basic channels, no cable allowed!  Channels 2, 5, 7, 9, and 12 were all she had for years and years and years. 

                Tennis and Soaps…. Probably two of the worst things to watch became her favorites.  But did I complain, not a chance.  Grandma Betty always got her way. 

4 thoughts on “Tennis and Soap Operas

  1. … less and less of the ladies were able to make it down the sand to the water….
    I love how you wrote this sentence. It’s a great way to show the passage of time.

    I have this image of Grandma Betty, getting old in age, sitting in front of her TV, watching some cheesy soap, a half-completed puzzle in front of her. Love.

  2. I had to laugh with this “and bring the latest gossip to be discussed,” it sounds like the gossip was something they could pack up and bring down to the beach. You tell her tales so well.

  3. You make the scenes to clear and descriptive. I love learning about Grandma’s habits. Really so neat to uncover the layers of her life one slice at a time…another great tale.
    Thanks for sharing about the beach bums.

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