Flash! Bang! Patter, patter, patter, patter, patter, patter. Flash! Bang! Sometimes the weather in Saugatuck didn’t want to cooperate.  Storms kept us locked away inside.  Since Saugatuck was a place to be outside, these days were met with long faces.  But, as Grandma Betty would say “turn that frown upside-down and let’s play some war!”

                Card games filled most days when it was too wet to go outside.  Stored in a chest in the living room was everything we needed to keep a good game(s) going all day; there were always enough decks for any sized crowd.  Go Fish, Speed, Rummy, Crazy Eights, and the game of choice: WAR! This game was especially played when we were younger and didn’t have the capability to play games that needed more mental abilities.  Grandma Betty was always up for a good game of War.

                Even though I loved playing War with my grandma, we played a lot of solid multi-hour games, watching my grandma and my brother Gregory play War could keep a person entertained for what seemed like forever.

                Probably the best reason to watch these two battle was because for some reason when they played, sound effects took over the game.  This was only a Gregory and Grandma thing but every time a battle took place, they would both make a sound when placing their card on the table.  Common sounds included: whoosh, bang, crash, grrrrrrr, meow, ruff, wooooohhhh! Cards would also be slammed down when the game was getting close and cards needed to be won.  I, and others, would sit around the table and laugh at the ridiculousness of these games.

                Gregory always ended up winning his War game against Grandma Betty.  At some point during the game, she would make an excuse, get up and leave the room, and Gregory would switch out her high cards for the low cards in his deck.  No one ever said anything.  I am sure Grandma Betty noticed but she too was silent.

                I honestly believe, because of watching these games, she would have done anything to make us happy.

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