The Safe Room


                It was just something about that room.  No matter how scared you might feel – creaking, rustling, or storms – that room always made you feel safe.

                It wasn’t much, only a dresser, a closet, a night stand, and a double bed.  Some funky curtains and two lamps also filled the room.  But the love and safety that radiated from there made all fears fade away. 

                Grandma Bettys room.  I don’t know how it became hers but it just was.  If you looked in, you might not even be able to tell… no pictures or markings or personal items claimed the room, but everyone knew it was hers.  Right off of the living room, it was the most accessible of the four bedrooms in the cottage.  That might have been why it was hers.

                All I know is that I spent many a night in that room lying next to my grandma when I was afraid.  Instead of waking up my parents, I would creep into my grandma’s room and slide under the covers.  I always woke her up (as evident by the sudden lack of snoring) but she never said anything.  Depending on how scary the night was, sometimes you could find Emmy or Gregory in there too.  We would cuddle in as close as we could and then close our eyes to fall asleep.  Just being next to her washed all fears away.

                Even though she is no longer there, I still go into that room to sleep when I am scared.  Sometimes it’s just to cry when I can’t take the fact that she isn’t around anymore.

                Either way I always feel better after, knowing my grandma is still protecting me.

9 thoughts on “The Safe Room

  1. I love the power of place and the power of your grandmother’s love and warmth. It touches me, especially how you can still feel her presence in her special room.

  2. This piece speaks to me. Thinking about the places and people that bring me comfort is heartwarming. We all need a place and people who help us safe and and able to re-join the world.

  3. Beautiful! So many think of a safe room as a place to lock yourself in where no one else can penetrate it. Your safe room is perfect…Grandma Betty made it safe…just with her being there and accepting all of you into her warm bed when you were afraid. And now…the memories continue to make it a safe room. Very touching.

  4. This made me think of Cynthia Rylant’s short story, Being Good, from Children of Christmas: Stories for the Season. I think the story will speak to you as well.

  5. I had a Grandma Betty, too! While I don’t have a connection to a place with her, she, in and of herself, was such a safe person to me! Sweet memories, aren’t they?

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