The Best Smell in the World


               Yes, I know it’s bad for the environment…

                Yes, I know it might add to global warming…

                Yes, I know we aren’t supposed to do it anymore…

                BUT, burning leaves, to me, is the best smell in the world – and bring back some of my happiest memories.

                Unlucky for me, as I got older, I couldn’t just jump and play in the leaves anymore.  If I wanted to do that, it was my turn to rake them (I actually didn’t have a choice – once Grandma Betty told you to do something, you didn’t say no).

                However, my favorite part was no longer playing in them, but burning them.  Now, this was before all of the laws against this.  It was pure joy when Grandma Betty told us it was okay to burn them.  Of course, an adult was always outside with us, and we were never allowed to start the fire… but that didn’t stop us from having fun.

                My two favorite parts were:

  1. Getting to dodge the smoke (man did that sting when you didn’t get out of the way fast enough and it got into your eyes)
  2. Throwing more dry leaves onto the fire and waiting in anticipation for those leaves to catch

               The thing I remember most about those moments, however, was the smell.  If she wasn’t already there, my grandma would come outside as soon as that smell hit her nose.  We would all just stand around and let the moment sink in.

                To this day, whenever I smell that smell, I am right away taken back to those moments outside of my grandma’s cottage.

7 thoughts on “The Best Smell in the World

  1. i’m laughing at stacey’s comment above. 🙂 i love the smell of burning leaves, too. unlucky for me, i don’t have a wonderful memory attached to it like you do. you’re so blessed, mallory. really.

  2. Very nice–I love reading sensory associations…the smell of burning leaves and grandmom…powerful stuff. The reader in me wanted to go deeper. I wanted to know more about the grandmother…or more about a specific instance with grammy and the smoking leaves…you had me hooked.

    • My whole blog is about my grandma and myself… I am trying to go deep into our relationship by describing moments we shared together… thanks for the advice though, I will keep it in my mind when writing my next pieces.

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