The Watermelon Lady


          Have you ever meet anyone who had a love for something? Now, I don’t just mean they liked it, or said that “loved” it, but a LOVE of something so strong that their life revolved around this object?  Everything they owned, talked about, and thought about it seemed to be so strongly focused that topic that you knew this was who they truly were?

          This person was the Watermelon lady in my life.  A friend of my Grandma Betty’s, the Watermelon lady lived passed my families cottage, on the other side of the turn off to Oval Beach.  I couldn’t tell you her real name or even how my grandma had met her, but there were many summer days spent in her presence. 

          You couldn’t know this lovely lady without knowing that she LOVED watermelons.  Sometimes I think back and wonder if it was more than just love, if it could have been seen as obsession.  EVERYTHING about her life was watermelon and watermelon themed.  Her whole house was decorated in watermelon décor, she only wore clothes that had watermelons on them, and the outside of her house was painted to look like a watermelon.  Heck, she even only had watermelon flavored gum!

          The reason she will forever be remembered in my mind, however, is not because of her outlandish love of watermelons, but how great of a friend she was to my grandma.  Her and my grandma use to sit around, with watermelon flavored crystal light, and talk and laugh for hours.  It meant so much to my grandma to spend time with the Watermelon lady and because of that, it meant so much to me too.

4 thoughts on “The Watermelon Lady

  1. I would love to see a watermelon painted house, that sounds very interesting. It’s so great that your grandma had someone so kind to hang out with when you weren’t there.

  2. This is such a heartwarming story. How wonderful that she will always be remembered in such a delightful way. Speaking of watermelons, you have inspired me to write a watermelon story of my own. Hopefully, before the end of the challenge, I will have it written. If and when I do, I will let you know:-)

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