Granny Anne: Part Two


It’s Time

                After practice after practice the day always finally arrived.  Thanksgiving Day was show time.  This day worked out perfect because the WHOLE family came up to Saugatuck for this holiday. Grandma Betty, her two sons, and their families plus my Uncle Donald, a few of his kids, and their families all stayed in the same house over this long weekend (can you say cramped?!) It was almost even bigger than Christmas. 

                That day always went by in a fast paced blur.  Making sure the backdrop was set up, checking to see everyone had their skits, and looking over to make sure all costumes were in order took up A LOT of time.  Plus, of course, we just had to take a break to eat that delish meal that my grandma had spent all day making.  (Looking back on this, I think Granny Anne skits must have been an adult plan all along.  What a great way to keep all us kids out of the kitchen and out of the way, locked in a back room getting ready for our time on stage)

                After dinner was over, it was show time. Grandma Betty would always get the best seat in the house… the middle of the couch that was a straight shot to the “stage.”  Once she was seated, the rest of the family would gather in around her, fitting themselves in as best as possible.  Depending on who was at the cottage that year, couches, chairs, and the floor were full. 

                Even though I don’t remember exact shows, I will never forget my Grandma Betty’s smiling face and infectious laugh that was louder and hardier than everyone else’s.  She didn’t care that the jokes were about her or that we always made a disaster out of the cottage afterwards.  She was just there to love us.

                Granny Anne brought the family together.

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