Lily of the Valley (Part 2)


The tradition of picking flowers on the way to my grandmas cottage continued on for years and years.  Every time I brought them, her smile was just as big and bright as it was the first time.

After she passed away, I continued to pick them without even realizing that I had no one to give them to when I got there.  It broke my heart every time and the flowers were just thrown away.  It just wasn’t the same and it never would be again.

As time moved forward, the feeling of loneliness only grew instead of fading away.  I continued to struggle with her absence and the feeling that, somehow, her memory would be lost and I wouldn’t remember her.  Because of that I decided to make her memory permanent.

Once the decision was made there was no turning back.  The next day I was in the tattoo parlor talking to the artist about the piece I wanted to make an everlasting part of me.  I knew exactly what I wanted: a bouquet of Lily of the Valleys with the word Saugatuck in the ribbon that held the flowers together. 

EIGHT hours later, blood and swelling all around my right side, my grandma’s memory was eternally with me. 

7 thoughts on “Lily of the Valley (Part 2)

  1. What a lovely way to keep her with you always. I love all of these posts and that since I’ve been there I can visualize exactly what you are talking about. I love that I’m learning the history behind it all.

  2. I can imagine everytime you look to your side you are reminded of the love of your Grandma.. which brings a big bright smile to your face.. just like the one your flowers brought to hers. I’m certain she’s proud of the strong woman you have become. I agree with Elsie though.. A shame it couldn’t be a scratch and sniff. Lilies of the Valley smell so amazing. 🙂

  3. I continued to pick them without even realizing I had no one to give them to….. what a sad, sad line that was for me. If you’ve ever doubted the power of your writing, please know that I felt myself mourning the loss of your grandma, who I’ve obviously never met. Powerful stuff.

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